Everyone knows obesity is a growing problem, but we at Opling want to address this issue in a different way. We will do this is by trying to get each of our readers to relate with their specific problem.  We all know that obesity and weight problems are becoming every so common with many young children in the UK, so our aim is to get those people or people connected with them to read what we have to say and see if its for them or not (obviously no charge).

How do you plan on providing this tailored advice?

Well we all know that excess weight is predominately caused by the wrong diet. But what we at Opling want to provide is how you obtained this “Bad diet” and what we can do to improve it. We have a great belief that due to certain lifestyles this has a direct result on not only the type of foods you eat but also when and how often.  So for instance think of the lifestyle of a person that grew up with limited outside interaction and would be described maybe as a gamer. The lifestyle of this person in most cases would consist of fast food, sugary supplements and late night binge eating with minimal movement. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that with that type of diet and hardly any physical activity, eventually fat will build up and store.

Therefore by providing a tailored way to target someone’s specific reasons for eating the things they do when they do, or even why they don’t like to exercise. This will help enable them to work on the specific areas and overcome the obstacles each of them face. We believe that it is very important to watch what you eat, but we totally understand that most of us don’t have a perfect diet but no one can doubt the deep inside we all aspire to achieving it one day. So by simply starting with a positive attitude you can achieve anything and reminding yourself that can really help achieve your goal.


Healthy v Junk


  • Here’s a perfect example that people face when trying to eat well, but we believe that if you are able to overcome this mental battle you will actually enjoy eating well.

If you were to ask the people that have they will also tell you that it wasn’t easy. They will tell you they were like most people and had bad eating habits but what most people don’t realize until they try to improve their health is that it is as much a mental battle as it is to have an apatite for healthy foods even though many would argue the selection is much better now. No one can disagree with the simple fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to a more prosperous life, aided of course with a bit of luck.

So what we what to do is address their issues as much as we can, starting with an area we feel is a huge obstacle to people trying to maintain a healthy life style which is the huge cost of eating well and the expensive health club prices. (So please suggest some affordable healthy dishes but why stop there if you know of any health clubs that may interest our readers please feel free to comment below). Another big issue is what to eat? (Sourced through comments sharing all kinds of recipes). A good place to start would be to try things you know you like and prepare them in a way you are use to eating and by this way it will have minimum disturbance to your normal eating pattern.


So by starting something simple like a mental or physical chart (Paper copy may make it easier to analyze the problem) on how our individual eating patterns have progressed through our lives we can then effectively highlight the reasons we eat what we eat and also when we eat.


Here are some references that encourage healthy living and have different insights on how to start living a healthier lifestyle:


We at Opling believe that overcoming this mental battle is the key to long-term healthy living!!!

We are not trying to inform you on all the information available on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we don’t need to tell you how it is recommended to eat 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day or you should join the gym. We at Opling know you guys are well aware on how to improve your health but we noticed the biggest obstacle was simply just to get started and to maintain the new healthier lifestyle. So we are trying to get you the readers over this mental block and just to start somewhere. We will not just be providing the article but we also won’t to get users to comment on how they overcame this mental battle, which may be of huge benefit to someone.

Lets not forget that without you we are unable to get our readers available to the advice you have to share, so please just leave a comment on anything you can relate to through your experiences. People think stories they have heard or things they have seen have no value but sometimes that may not be the case and could actually have a great deal of benefit to someone. This could be as little as seeing something on TV on how wrap a bandage to hearing about a really well recommended cancer center to receive therapy. The point we are trying to make is that no matter how irrelevant you may thing something is it may have relevance to someone and sometimes to an extraordinary degree. Especially as we are we are trying to reach out internationally. (More people more life experiences) !!!

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One Response to How to start to tackle the “BIG” problem of obesity and excess weight?

  1. I read this article some weeks ago but didn’t have the time to post comments until now. I have a very different view on how a person needs to tackle being overweight or even obese. The standard information out “there” is to eat healthily, watch our calorie intake etc etc etc. To “help” people achieve this, there are countless weight loss programs, supposedly designed to help people lose the excess weight and achieve their optimum body weight. But how many people do you know that have achieved this “success” – I don’t know any!

    Here’s a question . . . what is the effect on your body of eating proteins and starches? Or Starches and sugars? Or the effect of eating foods that are mainly acidic, or mainly alkaline, or . . . a mixture of both! Chances are that most people (9999 out of 10,000 I’m guessing) have little idea.

    In my opinion, people need to rethink what they really know about healthy living, or what leads to a person putting on weight continually to become overweight or obese. I would say that most medical professionals are also ill equipped to guide us. For a person to qualify as a doctor, he/she spends as little as 2-3 months (or maybe less) learning about nutrition, and more importantly gain knowledge to deal with the question above.

    So what’s the solution you may ask? The first step is to realize just how ill informed most people are about healthy living. Thereafter a person needs to commit to learning, but you will not find a suitable degree level course in most universities. You will have to rely on googling, or learn from a person who genuinely knows.

    As yet, I have not gone into any specific bits of info. I’m happy to share my thoughts once there are a few posts to get this debate going. I hope the above has planted a seed to further contemplate.

    Warm regards.

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