Is it reall worth it?

So is all the hype around going to the gym really worth it?
The way we thing we could answer this is by showing you what makes people go to the
gym and what makes them go back so frequently.
People go gym for different reasons but one thing in common is you will definitely benefit
in one way or another. Now lets get into what makes not just the gym but any physical
activity so unique, but just before we do there is something important you really need to
Ok you probably already know this but it’s worth being reminded. There is honestly no
point attempting to start exercising without being motivated.

So how can you get motivated?

Motivation can come really easily sometimes but this is not always the case.
1) For some people it is because they are naturally interested in exercising
and setting new targets and striving to achieve them is what motivates them.
2) Then you got people who workout purely for the benefits to their appearance and set their own personal targets to achieve that.

3) You also get people who are getting pressurised into getting into shape
(the wife/ husband). So at the beginning they reluctantly go but soon realise
the benefits and actually start enjoying the experience.
Well that’s a few of the easier ones but now let’s discuss how to generate motivation.When it does not come naturally.

This can start by finding a activity you enjoy or teaming up with a friend that is either in a similar position or already training. The best advice we can give you is to attend the gym consistently for at least two weeks but if you can a month and we are certain you will experience a positive change in attitude towards exercising.
You don’t have to go to the gym but as long as you are able to create goals and set targets
in that activity you will also feel the benefits.
Guys there is not much in life that actually works, so make sure you don’t end up regretting
Lets not forget your prolonging your life, how can it not be worth it?
So what do you do in the gym?
Now this depends on what you want to achieve. So to give specific advice is not really
possible but we will do as much as we can by outlining common reasons people attend the
If your taking part just to look good then gearing your workouts towards weight training but
also including some cardiovascular exercises you will help you to achieve this.
Or you maybe looking to get fit and healthier. Well then targeting your cardiovascular
system and adopting a healthier lifestyle will help you achieve this.

Maybe you are going just to enjoy yourself and the health benefits are just additional
bonuses then just finding exercises you find enjoyable and comforting will hopefully give
you what you are looking for.
Ok so now all you need to be fully armed and prepared is to find exercises or workouts you
can relate to. This maybe through the goals you are trying to achieve or it could be
because you want to start with something you enjoy. We have found a great site which
should cover all your needs which is: so have a look.
Another website which gives you great information about fitness and the do or dont’s when
it comes to eating the right things at the right times to optimise your workouts. The ethos of
the site is to come across in a “common sense” approach to fitness and health. Please
just take a look at:
With the aid of this article and the two websites we have suggested you should at least
have a good foundation to make a start! So no more excuses just go give it a go and if you
need anything please just ask and we are sure either us or our members will be able to
help you.



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