My personal mission statement

The reason why we have created is simply to provide all aspects of health to everyone in the most basic, but effective methods. We want to create “social healthcare”  where people can  share all their experiences and knowledge to help others using our social platform.

What does Opling mean by“Social Healthcare”?

By this we mean being able to pass opinion and advice on health related subjects in a community that consist’s of members with similar needs.


What do we mean by all aspects of health?

Well this is actually a huge question, not because we don’t know the answer but because our aim is to create a social hub for all healthcare needs. By this we mean that all the information gathered would be sourced from other sources, which will be named and merited when used. The reason for sourcing this information is because we are not trying to mislead people into thinking we know about all aspects of health or medicine as we are quite young graduates still with a lot to learn, but what we are aiming to provide the public with something we believe isn’t currently available.


What makes us different from what others out there are providing?

We want to provide a platform based on a social media. This means we use our site to create users with profiles so that they can actively interact with our blog. Not only will there be a blog (Response line) but also , Medi hub (which will be the product review section of and photo lab.


What is the blog?

This is where we believe we have the ability to change lives.  We understand this is the most common and bold statement but the way we are aiming to provide information to our users makes this more realistic then you may think. The idea behind the blog is to provide information based on a wide range of health issues. The range of issues we aim to establish is actually never ending. The reason for this is because has in our eyes the potential to gather new information every day.


So you must be thinking they still haven’t told us the reason why anything is different?

Well here you go, the thing we believe that makes us different is we will provide information in the format of health questions and information but also photo’s in our photo lab, which will be influenced by health issues. On this information we want to gather people’s advice and experiences and this is where the magic happens. If you have been diagnosed with any illness no matter how minor you would most likely go straight onto the Internet to gather more information not only to ease your mind but also to learn about possible methods to cure the illness.  What will do is give our users simplified information on their illness that is easy to understand and therefore more accessible to more users which we don’t believe is currently the case on the Internet and we aim to change this. The reason why this is invaluable is because peoples life experiences and knowledge if far greater than one’s and this indisputable. Based on that we know that our users would definitely benefit from this, let me give you an example; say someone has or recently had breast cancer, it is hard to comprehend what must be going through their minds when and during they are dealing with this illness which is a common type of cancer among women. The site will give the user the ability to either share their experience or to use the experiences of others as comfort and guidance during your time in need. This information could be so valuable to someone while they are suffering because it not only provides you with hope that someone else’s method of aiding their health or recovery may work for you but also to have access to someone who has been through what you are going through. We all know that hope can be a life-changing boost. At Opling we also aim to provide blogs on how to stop smoking? Or what helps with spots? To information on different types of cancer aided with advice from users who feel they could aid the situation commonly found in suffers of this disease. So the range of advice we aim to gather will hopefully benefit every user in someway. But this is not where we are going to stop.

So what next?

Well were do we start? The next phase of Opling would be Medi hub. This is where we aim to provide product examination and review but the Opling way. What we mean by this is we will provide a service that will give users the opportunity to review products related to health and wellbeing. The vision behind this is to finally provide the public with an honest review of products from an unbiased view. What we hope this will also give is the manufacturers of these products valuable information about how their products are viewed by their customers.

We hope that by doing this we will be able to provide users and suppliers valuable information on whether to invest in the product. The great thing will be it will give users a view from an unbiased angle. Therefore by gathering this information we aim to develop a hub that contains all health related products and how effective users found these products to be.



So how do you expect to gain viewers and increase Internet traffic?

The main way we feel we will able to obtain valuable members is through our blog where we feel we can build a community of members that all have something to gain from being a part of Opling. This maybe the great satisfaction of sharing advice or the huge relief when you find someone who is going through what you are.

We also feel at Opling we can appeal to users through our photo lab. The photo lab is where we will be gathering the most breath taking and insightful photos from all types of sources from around the world with the general criteria of being health related.  Why would we do this? Well we feel that through pictures we can capture our user’s experiences and empathy to the point that we will able to gain comments and discussions on the photos posted. The Idea behind the photos is we want to gather pictures that have the ability to educate the viewer and have a lasting influence on them.



We at Opling do not take any responsibility for what other users post and the subsequent effects it may have. We are hear to monitor the posts shared by other users to make sure they are not offensive or misleading and is always in the best interest to our users but the readers have full responsibility if they wish to act on advice shared by others.

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